Top 10 Most Delicious Dishes In Ninh Binh You Must Try

Along with the wonderful scenic spots, Ninh Binh also retains visitors by the bold dishes of the ancient capital. Let Local Tours Halong to explore food in Ninh Binh!

Famous Food In Ninh Binh

Moutain Goat

This is a Ninh Binh specialty found in most restaurants. Ninh Binh goats are released in the hills, so the meat is very firm. Goat meat here is processed with many dishes such as: steamed goat, goat spring rolls, … or the most famous is ginger goat. There are many people who say that goat meat is also a cure for diseases. So coming to Ninh Binh you must definitely enjoy this mountain goat dish, its delicious taste will definitely make you remember forever.

Goat Mountain in Ninh Binh

Sticky rice with ant eggs

Many people mistakenly believe that dishes from ant eggs are only available in the northern provinces, but Ninh Binh is quite famous for ant egg sticky rice. People take young ant eggs for preliminary processing and then wet them with spices, then stir-fry to form sticky rice with ant eggs with a delicious and unique taste.

Sticky Rice With Ant Egg

Fish salad (Gỏi Cá Nhệch)

The specialty of Kim Son, Ninh Binh is the fish salad with elaborately processed by the chef to remove the smell and replace it with the characteristic sweetness of sticky rice. The dipping sauce here is also quite unique when it blends enough pungent flavors of chili, lemongrass and pepper. Come to Kim Son, try this dish, I believe that the meticulousness creates a delicious taste that you must remember forever.

Fish Salad (Gỏi Cá Nhệch)

Vermicelli (Bún Mọc)

Vermicelli is no longer a strange thing when traveling from North to South, you can easily enjoy it. But surely each place will have its own taste and that in Ninh Binh. The richness of the broth, the aroma of lemongrass, chili, and scallions have created the uniqueness of the noodle dish grown here.

Vermicelli (Bún Mọc)

Braised fish with Dipper (Cá Kho Gáo)

Braised fish with Dipper is a unique dish in Ninh Binh. Dipper is a fruit that grows along rivers or cliffs that can be used for cooking or as medicine. Braised fish with shells is special in the way of processing when the rice is cut into small pieces and placed at the bottom of the pot, then put into the stock with the fish. Depending on the time, the dipper may be slightly sour or slightly chatty. This dish is quite strange and it will increase your taste by its eye-catching and attractive color.

Braised Fish With Dipper (Cá kho gáo)


Are you imagining it as a golden pancake? Pancakes in Ninh Binh are also served with hot nam lui. First, make some rice paper, add large cabbage leaves, and then add banh xeo and spring rolls. This dish is sure to make anyone who eats it remember this unique taste.


Eel vermicelli (Miến Lươn)

This is a typical dish in Ninh Binh. Unlike other provinces, this dish is made from eel nuggets with a pinkish-brown back and pale yellow belly. This eel is smaller than normal eel but the meat is firm. This dish will be served with banana flowers to create an unforgettable harmony for visitors

Eel Vermicelli (Miến Lươn)

Roasted copper crab with guise leaves

Hearing the name, you can imagine this is a dish in the countryside. Crispy fried frozen crab ffuojcw with guise. The preliminary processing is very simple, but it will surely bring you an unforgettable feeling because of the unique flavor that brings you to Ninh Binh in the old days.

Roasted copper crab with guise leaves

Ninh Binh mountain snail

Have you tried river and sea snails but have you tried mountain snails? It is very difficult to see these snails because they live in limestone caves and are only available from April to August in Hoa Lu, Nho Quan or Tam Diep ranges. The typical taste of mountain snails with a cool, chewy taste and a faint smell of traditional medicine. Just 1 bowl of mountain snails will make you ecstatic.

Ninh Binh Mountain Snail

Besides, Ninh Binh also has items for visitors to buy as gifts for relatives such as:

  • Ninh Binh shrimp paste
  • Ninh Binh Burnt Rice
  • Dipper
  • Ninh Binh Dried Fish

Hope the above article helps you in your trip. If you have any questions feel free to Contact Us. We’re waiting for your response!

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