Conquering Pu Luong Peak – The Enchanting Beauty Of Thanh Hoa

Not only famous for villages, terraced fields, water wheels, Pu Luong is also famous for Pu Luong peak. This place is an attractive destination for tourists who love to explore, experience, trekking, and immerse themselves in the mountain nature. Let’s Local Tours Halong to conquering Pu Luong Peak!

1. Where is Pu Luong Peak?

In Thai, Pu Luong means the highest peak in the region, actually up to 1700km high, standing on the top of Pu Luong you can admire a towering Pu Luong and covered with a green color. Pu Luong Peak is located in two districts of Quan Hoa and Ba Thuoc of Thanh Hoa and is about 200km from Hanoi.

2. Great experience when coming to Pu Luong Peak?

From the top of Pu Luong mountain, visitors can also see the scenery of the whole valley at the foot of the mountain, the looming stilt roofs and beautiful terraced fields.

Visitors who love to conquer and explore are very impressed with this mountain peak because of the exciting feelings it brings. Enjoy the fresh air, climb mountains, discover more impressive things from nature.

In the evening, at the top, visitors often make a fire, grill meat, enjoy a picnic lunch in the middle of the mountain space

From the top of Pu Luong, visitors can also admire the beautiful scenes appearing in the valley, from terraced fields to the typical Thai stilt houses.

3. What is the best time to come to Pu Luong Peak?

You should go to Pu Luong Peak between October and February next year. Then, coming to Pu Luong peak, you can both admire the ripe golden rice fields and hunt for clouds to take beautiful photos.

4. How to get to Pu Luong:

  • Bus: From Hanoi, take a bus from Gia Lam, Giap Bat bus station to Thanh Hoa to Canh Nang town and then hire a taxi, motorbike or motorbike taxi to Pu Luong about 20km.
  • Motorbike: The most convenient way, you can ride a motorbike along Highway 6 in the direction of Hoa Binh -> go through Lung Van valley (or Ban Lac, Mai Chau) -> to Pu Luong. The distance is about 200km, the travel time is about 4-5 hours.
  • Limousine: 16-seat limousine bus to pick up and drop off at your hotel in Hanoi to Pu Luong. Besides, when choosing a limousine, you will experience a better service than a regular bus.

5. Below are some of our Pu Luong tours you can refer to:

  • Joining to Pu Luong Nature Reserve 2 Days 1 Night Small Group Tour From Hanoi this tour is designed for people who want to discover off the beaten tourists track by discovering the hidden Pu Luong Nature Reserve. You will have the experience to walk through some rice field terraces, jungle to meet some Black Thai Minorities, learn about the agriculture system with the giant waterwheels and take part in the Bamboo Raft trip on Cham stream.
  • Coming to Mai Chau – Pu Luong 3 Days 2 Nights Tour From Hanoi In this 3 day trip to Pu Luong you explore the best scenery in Vietnam, with beautiful rice fields, waterwheels and local minority villages. Stay overnight in a eco resort with infinity pool. Pu Luong Nature Reserve is an area of outstanding beauty, cultural interest and high biodiversity stretching from Mai Chau in the north-west to Cuc Phuong National Park in the south-east. The region is blessed with rich forests, limestone panoramas, magnificent rice terraces and breath-taking scenery. On this 3-day trek through Pu Luong Nature Reserve you can experience the everyday life and culture of Thai and Muong ethnic minorities and spend your nights with friendly locals.

If you have any questions or want to arrange your own Pu Luong tour, please Contact Us. We promise to bring you a great experience!

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