Top 10 Delicious Dishes In Pu Luong Not To Be Missed

Pu Luong has a very attractive and diverse cuisine. You can enjoy specialties in Pu Luong such as: Co Lung duck, bitter soup, hill chicken, coriander, … or buy products such as: wild honey, dried bamboo shoots, kitchen buffalo, forest wolf tea … as a meaningful gift for my family during my trip here.

Special dishes in Pu Luong attract tourists

1. Co Lung Duck

Co Lung duck is a rare breed of Thai people in Ban Hieu. Purebred duck low, short neck, small legs; On the neck and head there will be a tuft of hairs. They are grazed in fields and streams, so the meat is firm, lean and very fragrant. People here consider it as a rustic gift to treat guests when they come home with many delicious and attractive dishes.


The simplest but most delicious dish is roasted duck with honey leaves. The duck is preliminarily cleaned, marinated with spices, stuffed with nectarine leaves and then roasted on embers. Duck meat when cooked has a characteristic red-brown color, small bones, little fat but not dry. Dipping in a bowl of salt, mac Khen, doi seeds and crushed duck liver create an unforgettable characteristic flavor of this high mountain region of Thanh Hoa.

2. Grilled stream fish

When it comes to Pu Luong specialties, the first thing that cannot be ignored is grilled stream fish. After catching fish, it is cleaned and marinated with spices. Spices are usually the available ingredients of the mountains and forests such as: Mac Khen, Herbs, Chili, Lemongrass, … mixed with Salt. Take a knife and cut all over the fish. Then marinate the spices for a few minutes, wrap the fish with traditional Chinese medicine, keep it with fresh bamboo sticks and bake it on hot ash coals until the fish turns yellow, the aroma is cooked fish.

3. Bitter bamboo shoots

Specialty bitter bamboo shoots in Pu Luong Thanh Hoa are taken from the forest, are most abundant in the rainy season and when eaten, they will taste sweeter than bitter. Bamboo shoots should have a slightly bitter taste, but eat fleshy and sweet. Bitter bamboo shoots are often processed and made many different delicious dishes such as stir-fried, braised bamboo shoots, boiled bamboo shoots with mac Khen and doi seeds or fried bamboo shoots with garlic. Enjoying bitter bamboo shoots here will bring you unique and special culinary experiences of this region.

4. Wild banana flower salad

Forest banana flower salad is attractive because of its rustic and rustic taste, but it is easy to cause “addiction”. This dish is made from fresh wild banana flower buds, thinly sliced and then soaked in salt water to prevent darkening. Then, take it out, wash it, and dry it, then mix it with a little thinly sliced pig’s ear, herbs and especially the mixed water, which is full of sour, spicy, salty, and sweet flavors. In Pu Luong, there is a place where banana flower salad with buffalo meat is also very popular, sprinkle a little roasted peanuts on top to have an extremely delicious snack.

5. Bitter leaf soup

Bitter leaf soup is picky eaters, but whoever eats it will be hard to forget. To make this soup, people will take bitter leaves with serrated edges around the leaves, grown in the mountains of Thanh Hoa. Bitter sediment has a crispy green color, just wash it, chop it or crush it. When cooking, lightly stir-fry bitter leaves with other ingredients such as: chicken intestines, pork intestines, buffalo intestines, blood, … then add water and cook for a while.

Depending on your taste, you can add lemongrass, chili, batch or shrimp paste. When you eat bitter leaf soup, you will feel a bitter taste spreading throughout your mouth, numb the tip of your tongue, but then it will be a sweet taste in your neck to wake your taste buds. The soup is cool, alcohol is very good, laxative for the liver, stimulates digestion, … Whenever you feel bored, just sipping a bowl of bitter leaf soup will immediately feel healthy.

6. Lam Rice

Lam rice is one of the specialties in Pu Luong associated with people’s lives not only during the important Tet holiday but also every day. Lam rice in Nua village, Lung Cao commune, Ba Thuoc commune is imbued with the love of the people because it is made from the largest and finest grains of sticky rice that people have saved. In order to make delicious lam rice, the rice must be freshly pounded and the tubers or bamboo must also be freshly chopped to blend the smell of bamboo.

The rice is pre-soaked and poured into the Giang tube that has been lined with a layer of banana leaves inside, add water to cover the rice, then cover with a layer of banana leaves to seal. Grilled lam rice must turn all sides so that it does not burn, when eating, peel off the outer black layer, only banana leaves cover the rice. Lam rice served with Co Lung roast duck or roasted chicken, fried bitter bamboo shoots is just that, but a delicious meal makes anyone who goes far to regret it.

7. Hill chicken

Hill chicken in Pu Luong is a more delicious dish than other regions because the chickens here are free to look for prey or eat rice, so the meat is sweet, firm and crispy. Pu Luong hill chicken is processed into many other dishes. Each dish will have its own flavor, especially the delicious grilled chicken with traditional Thai spice mix will attract visitors.

8. Armpit pork

Pu Luong is known for its beautiful natural landscape and land with many unique cultural features. If you are interested in local cuisine, you should try the pork armpit to experience the special and attractive taste. Pigs are raised freely by the Muong people here, often drinking spring water, so the meat is firm and the skin is crispy. After cleaning, the pigs are washed with straw to make them fragrant and then seasoned with salt, mac Khen, doi seeds, etc., and then grilled until golden brown and eat very greasy and addicting.

9. Buffalo meat guarding the kitchen

Every year at the beginning of the year, the Thai people are busy making this specialty dish in Pu Luong to celebrate Tet and gradually eat until the end of the year.

January morning. To make a delicious kitchen buffalo, you must choose fresh and non-veined corn. The spices are marinated together: Mac Khen, Doi Seeds, Dried Chili, Ginger and Salt. Buffalo meat marinated for about 2-3 hours and then hung smoked over charcoal.

The dried meat is dry on the outside, but the inside still retains its softness, smelling of smoke and spicy spices. It keeps for a long time, every time you want to eat it, just bake it or steam it, then tear it up with chili sauce to enjoy. If you have the opportunity to come here to travel, remember to buy this specialty dish to eat gradually to satisfy your cravings or as a gift for relatives and friends.

10. Stone snail

Stone snails are only found in rock holes and are most abundant in the rainy season. Steamed stone snails with fish sauce or lemon, lemongrass are the most delicious. When eating, you will feel the natural sweetness, chewiness and richness of snails, combined with a rich dipping sauce with garlic, chili, and other typical spices. Travel to Pu Luong 2 days 1 night and enjoy in the wonderful natural space, creating more unique experiences.

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