Bamboo Rafting, Cham Stream Bathing – A Special Experience In Pu Luong

Bamboo rafting, bathing in Cham stream in Pu Luong is one of the interesting experiences that many tourists love when coming to this “paradise under the earth”. Let’s get rid of all the noise of life, all the stress of work to come to Cham stream to relax, take a relaxing bath, go bamboo rafting and explore the village. Companion  Local Tours Halong to explore Cham Stream.

1. Where is Cham Stream in Pu Luong?

Cham Stream is located in Chieng Lau village, Ban Cong commune, Ba Thuoc district, Thanh Hoa province – about 170km from Hanoi city center. The Thai Den people in the area discovered this stream because it is the largest stream in the region made up of small streams flowing into the Ma River. People living around this place often go to the Cham stream to catch fish and bathe. After being invested in tourism development, Cham stream becomes an attractive destination for tourists when coming to Pu Luong.

2. When is the most beautiful time for rowing bamboo rafts and bathing in Pu Luong Cham stream?

The ideal time to experience bamboo rafting and bathing in Pu Luong Cham stream is in late Autumn (around August, September). At this time, there is little rain and there is clear blue water, especially the color of the surrounding mountains imprints on the bottom of the water, creating a beautiful scene. Traveling to Pu Luong to Cham stream in late autumn, visitors will be able to bathe in a clear stream that can see the bottom and take beautiful virtual photos.

Experience going to Pu Luong Cham stream, you should avoid going around May and June of the solar calendar. Because this is the high water season, it will not be suitable for bamboo rafting and stream bathing. Traveling to Pu Luong Cham stream, you can also admire the golden ripe rice season across the beautiful terraced fields and attract tourists to Pu Luong.

3. Experience bamboo rafting, bathing in Cham stream in Pu Luong

Bamboo rafting on Cham stream

Pu Luong Nature Reserve has a diverse forest ecosystem, with rivers and streams flowing gently all year round. One of the interesting experiences when coming to Pu Luong Cham stream is to go bamboo rafting on the stream to admire the beautiful nature of the surrounding mountains.

Bamboo rafts are the daily means of transportation of the Thai ethnic group to catch fish on the Cham River. When tourism develops, the form of traveling by bamboo raft is loved by many tourists, especially foreign tourists. This form of transportation is very popular in Chiang Mai Thailand, now you can experience it for the first time in Vietnam at Cham Stream.

Cool and relaxing Cham stream bath

The water in Cham stream is very clear and green, so after bamboo rafting you can immerse yourself in the cool water here. Cham stream is also the place where the Black Thai people choose to bathe, the image of Thai girls bathing on the Cham River evokes a peaceful scene in the countryside. Because the water in Cham stream is so clear that you can see the bottom, you will be able to admire each school of fish frolicking around.

Check-in virtual living with the water wheel

The unique feature when coming to Cham stream is the water wheels also known as water wheels. The Muong and Thai people living here have created water cycles to get water from the stream to serve the needs of farming when it is dry.

Coming to Cham stream, visitors will see the image of water wheels along the stream creating a beautiful and peaceful scene. Besides the waterwheel in Cham stream, you can also go to another waterwheel near Gia stream, on the way to Hieu village or the water wheel in Tom village.

Immerse yourself in the peaceful nature in Pu Luong

You can not only paddle bamboo rafts, swim in Pu Luong Cham stream, but also immerse yourself in the peaceful natural scenery of the mountains and forests here, away from all the noise and chaos of life. Vast green forests, fresh cool wind and waterfalls murmuring day and night in Cham stream.

4. How to get to Pu Luong:

  • Bus: From Hanoi, take a bus from Gia Lam, Giap Bat bus station to Thanh Hoa to Canh Nang town and then hire a taxi, motorbike or motorbike taxi to Pu Luong about 20km.
  • Motorbike: The most convenient way, you can ride a motorbike along Highway 6 in the direction of Hoa Binh -> go through Lung Van valley (or Ban Lac, Mai Chau) -> to Pu Luong. The distance is about 200km, the travel time is about 4-5 hours.
  • Limousine: 16-seat limousine bus to pick up and drop off at your hotel in Hanoi to Pu Luong. Besides, when choosing a limousine, you will experience a better service than a regular bus.

5. Below are some of our Pu Luong tours you can refer to:

  • Joining to Pu Luong Nature Reserve 3 Days Small Group Tour From Hanoi: Waterfall, Infinity Pool, Cave Exploring Pu Luong 3 days 2 nights tour will give you more time to explore Pu Luong Nature Reserve, an area of outstanding beauty and cultural interest. Enjoy a comfortable stay with sophisticated service in Pu Luong, with its captivating panoramic views and tranquil setting, take part in many exciting activities: river bamboo rafting or kayaking, walking around tumbling rice terraces, trekking.
  • Coming to Mai Chau – Pu Luong 2 Days 1 Night Tour From Hanoi This tour offer the possibility to discover two beautiful places in two days: Mai Chau valley and Pu Luong nature reserve. Cycling and trekking to get closer to nature and the people. You will be impressed by the scenery, the mountain, the rice field terraces and the valley making this place wonderful destination for your excursions in Vietnam.

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