Kayaking in Trang An – Explore The Mysterious Caves By Yourself

Kayaking in Trang An is a new activity and attracts tourists. Trang An is very famous for its caves and spiritual sites. In addition to leisurely boating to admire the scenery at Trang An, visitors cannot miss when kayaking to discover it by themselves. Let Local Tours Halong to discover Kayaking in Trang An!

Why should you choose to travel by Kayaking in Trang An?

  • Kayaking is a totally new and exciting activity to experience when visiting Trang An, Ninh Binh
  • This kayaking tour is a well-liked kind of travel that combines sightseeing and athletic pursuits.
  • Before tourists board the boat, The Trang An Landscape complex’s guide will provide you with a brief introduction to some fundamental kayaking techniques. Additionally, a rescue team driving motorboats, and standard life jackets are all accessible to ensure safety for tourists.
Kayaking in Trang An
Kayaking in Trang An

Kayaking Main Routes in Trang An

There are two kayaking routes available for tourists to choose from:

  • The first route departs from Trang An wharf, passing Trinh Temple, Tam Quan gate, Dark Cave’s mouth, Quy Hau Cave’s mouth and Nui Ngoc. For this 8-kilometer long route (round trip), tourists can take a lot of “check-in” photos on the boat, under a banyan tree at Tam Quan gate or visit Trinh Temple.
Kayaking in Trang An
Kayaking in Trang An
  • The second route is 5 kilometers long (round trip), departing from Trang An wharf to Kong Island wharf, passing Thuy Dinh (Pavilion on water) and Vu Lam Palace. Besides taking check-in photos on the boat, tourists choosing this route can learn more about the history of Vu Lam Palace.
Kayaking in Trang An
Kayaking in Trang An

Best Time to take a Kayaking in Trang An?

  • With the typical weather of Ninh Binh, you can choose to take a kayaking in Trang An any time of the year. However, to find about about its own characteristics, January – March (according to the lunar calendar) would be better.
  • This time is the time when Trang An festivals take place; therefore, you can combine doing sightseeing of great views and explore the typical characteristics of festivals here like Trang An festival together with water and faith processions on the river.

How to get to Trang An?

  • Bus: you can go to My Dinh / Nuoc Ngam / Giap Bat bus station in Hanoi to go to Nho Quan or Kim Son bus station in Ninh Binh. Then take a motorbike taxi or taxi to go to Trang An.
  • Limousine: Pick up and drop off at the hotel in Hanoi Old Quater and give you a better exprience.
  • Private car or motorbike: You can easily rent a car in Hanoi. If traveling in a small group, renting a car is the optimal choice for you. You follow National Highway 1A to Ninh Binh city center and then follow the signpost to Trang An
  • Train: Taking the train to Ninh Binh is also an interesting exprience. This way, you board the train from Hanoi and get off at Ninh Binh station. From here you can take a bus or taxi to Trang An. Train tickets price range 70.000 to 120.000 VND/ person depending on seat class.

Kayaking Ticket Price

Boat type/ hour


Single 2- hour kayak ticket

250.000VND/ boat

Single 3- hour kayak ticket

300.000VND/ boat

Double Kayak ticket for 2 hours

350.000VND/ boat

Double Kayak ticket for 3  hours


Notes when taking a kayak in Trang An

  • Before boarding the kayak, pay attention to the instructions of the guide.
  • Do not throw trash in the river or on the river bank
  • Wear a life jacket during the boating journey
  • Do not enter water-borne caves; just kayak on the specified route.
  • Prepare ice-cold beverages and snacks in case you need them.

If you want to experience kayaking service in Trang An, please Contact Us. We promise to bring you a great experience!

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